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Mar 22, 2013

Who owns engagement… HR or Communications?

Yes, the all familiar question. I have to say, my views have evolved. I started out with a core belief that HR should own engagement. This was more or less because of my experience where HR had facilitated engagement, but it was led and implemented by the business.

Engagement, I’m defining as the ultimate measure of commitment in an organization.

The owner should always be the business. Who can foster commitment? This question is who should facilitate it, drive it or oversee it. I saw it facilitated by HR. After all, many of the outcomes of engagement focus on areas HR can influence– rewards, benefits, development, leadership capability, overall work environment and safety.

What I’ve come to realize however is that not all HR organizations are created equal. Some are more forward thinking and professionalized. Others are not. And in those cases, communications has the opportunity to be a driver for engagement because often we are the only ones that have the purview and understanding to do it – outside of HR. The advantage is that, because communications does not own the components that drive engagement, there is no bias. There is no vested interest except truly understanding where there are issues and facilitating a resolution.

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