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Apr 7, 2013


I’ve worked in this industry for some time now, in a number of different environments. And I have experienced a lot. Many of the ideas I’m sharing on this blog I’ve pondered for some time now.

I’m interested in the long-term direction of our profession, internal communications. I’m interested in the opportunity to come together as leaders in the field and to get some consistent answers and points of view on things that continue to evolve our field into the direction it should go.

A few posts to definitely check out:

A few questions: How do we define who we are and what do consistently? How should we structure and organize our function for success? Who are the people we should be recruiting; the people to do the work we do in the next 3 to 5 years? There’s so much organizational change brought on by the economic change and the realization that employee communications is necessary. There is a light shining on internal communications as way for businesses to survive and accelerate. How do we capitalize on the momentum that’s happening right now?

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