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Jun 26, 2013

An internal comms response to the Edelman trust barometer

Edelman’s 2013 Trust Barometer revealed unsurprisingly that organizational trust continues to erode. My question is, why and what can internal communicators do about it? How can internal communications restore or at least repair trust in organizations?

A clear indication that trust is eroding is how often employees go to external sources to find authentic company information. If employees turn to external sources for information, including social media, media releases, etc., what does it say about how trustworthy the information is that they are receiving? Moreover, what does it suggest about a possible dearth of information?

One could argue that they are turning elsewhere because companies, particularly leaders and managers, are not giving them the right information, talking to them enough and are not being transparent or authentic.

In the absence of available truth, people will seek out an answer and unfortunately, it may not be the right one.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

Let’s be honest. Who really has the information about what’s happening in the company? From whom do employees consistently say they prefer to get company information? Why wouldn’t we, as companies, prefer to be the trusted source of information?

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