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Dec 11, 2013

Building a social media strategy: The Four C’s

There is a lot in the blogosphere today around the use of social media. For those of us owning communications at our organizations, the challenge isn’t as much the “what” but instead the “how.” How do we think about the components of our social media strategy in a way that gives leadership a framework for what we’re trying to do? Here I’ve come up with a few quick tips. To approach the 900 pound gorilla that is social media, examine the following (in particular order): Culture, Content, Capabilities and Channels.

Culture: First, you want to make sure you’re not introducing social media just for the sake of it. Just because it’s the thing to do does not mean it makes sense in every situation. The use of social media can actually work counter to what you’re trying to do if you’re not careful. But it can also be used quite well to enhance collaboration within your organization… if in fact your culture supports it. To leverage social media fully, organizations must be transparent, flexible and nimble in responding to feedback. They must want to harness grassroots feedback and ideas and be willing to relinquish some control in order to harness the voice of the employee.

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