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Feb 9, 2014

IC Best Practices for Future Success

Recently I had the chance to review Melcrum’s latest report on the future of the field, titled: “Inside Internal Communication: Groundbreaking Innovations for a New Future.” The report outlined five best practices to transform the industry. A summary of each of the five is below. (Click here to learn more.)

This Friday, the Atlanta Internal Communications Leadership Consortium (ICLC) will meet to discuss one of the five best practices: Collaboration. The first of four sessions for 2014, the group will gather to uncover the role of internal communications in building organizational connection and collaboration. (What is the ICLC? Click here to learn about this exciting new group.)

Five internal communication innovations representing the best of a new future:

1. Agile processes for improved planning

Internal communications must be cross-functional, flexible and constantly innovative to respond to the complex environments we find ourselves in these days. We must develop a “sophisticated approach to strategy and planning” if we are to be effective and find success.

2. Driving dialogue to enhance employee advocacy

Leaders must connect and engage with employees if we are to see organizational challenge take hold. Employees want to understand the why behind strategies, they want to be involved in achieving it – and they need to be involved in the decision making.

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